My daughter.  Easter, circa 1980/1981.
Photograph updated and enhanced with Photoshop,
Originally posted on my other blog In My Mind's Eye
an art and family blog (a blog that is no longer active).



An old movie we may have laughed over.  
A breaking news story we may have discussed.
A car passes by, same model, same color.
A familiar smell.  A recipe.
Seeing a couple walk by, greying hair, maybe one with a cane,
but hand holding hand.  A bit of envy rises.
I never know what will trigger a memory, certainly photographs do.  
I am thankful to have them.



. . . and here we go, being "wordy" again!  April has some special days, special events ~ and we've designed several badges to celebrate them.  Any pet blogger is more than welcome to copy/paste/use these (with or without credit to Zoolatry).  We'd be so pleased to see many bloggers promote Earth Day on their own blogs, their FB or Twitter pages or wherever they'd like!  Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, as it is a day of importance to all creatures great and small.



Comments are off today.
As the only appropriate comment
would be:
No Comment.



Zoey ~ you've got your "big eyes" on and you're looking a little guilty!
Who me?
Yes, you!  
What have you done?
What are you thinking of doing?
Like I really believe that ...


I didn't even title this post.  It could have been an "easy Sunday".
It certainly was a rare afternoon.  A spring afternoon. 
Maggy and Zoey enjoying a nap on
a sunny, breezy window ledge ~ together. 
Very rare, their sharing, being together!
An old photo, 2009, from our Florida home.
Whatever day it was, it was easy.  And sweet.  And memorable.



This image was first worked on many years ago ~ and like a lot of "old images" 
in my photo files, unfortunately, it was neither 
named by subject or identified by blogger! 
So first and foremost, if the owner happens to see it, I do apologize ... 
for some reason though, in the deep recesses of my mind,
I kind of think this little guy on the hunt may be named Charley.  
Unsure, but it sounds right!
Anyway, once I came across the photo, I decided to update it for CATURDAY ART, 
sponsored by Athena, Cat Goddess.  
Though not a cat (guess that's rather obvious) ... my first dog,
and my last were beagles ... and like "Charley" here, they always went about ...
nose to ground, tail up, on the hunt.  
Thus it seemed appropriate to show him
in motion, motion repeated, like the wind.  
Go, Charley, Go.
With Photoshop you can add percentages of layers of the same photo,
and convert some of those layers to black and white, 
then resize them to add impact to the overall image and
you can use a tool called "wind" on the edge of the photo to give 
the motion effect. The main photo background of trees and leaves was
posterized and recolored so the photo of the dog would stand out.

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